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Retired Law Enforcement Officers

Congress passed H.R. 218 with an overwhelming majority and the bill was signed into law by President George W. Bush on July 22, 2004.

Sec 2.  Exemption of qualified Law Enforcement Officers from state laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed firearms.

Sec. 3.  Exemption of qualified RETIRED Law Enforcement Officers from state laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed firearms.

Retired officers must have an annual firearms certification recognized by the  State of North Carolina.  This is a problem since few if any law enforcement agencies in North Carolina provides this training for retired Law Enforcement Officers. 

To Be Legal....If you plan on carrying your handgun concealed outside of your jurisdiction, you will need a NC Concealed Handgun permit or one from the state you are visiting.  

Click this link and you can read the complete text of H. R. 218.  

I am a retired law enforcement officer, how do I get covered under the H.R. 218 law?

Under this law you will need to make an application to the NC Justice Academy, P. O. Box 99, Salemburg, NC 28385-0099 Phone (910) 5254151, make contact with the local law enforcement agency to be certified by their firearm's instructor. Concealed Carry instructors can not certify you. You can go through the class for conceal carry but you will be restricted just like the rest of law abiding citizens of North Carolina.

H.R. 218 is the law. However, N.C. hasn't finalized any regulations on what a LE officer has to do to comply with the law. The main thing is they have to qualify each year on the Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) qualification course of fire. They don't have to take a course but the qualification is problematic - most LE agencies aren't excited about doing qualifications for retired LEOs.

More information is on the NC Department of Justice website at www.ncdoj.com.

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